Omnivore Recordings (OV-294)


Bird Streets is a 2018 NPR Slingshot Artist

©2018 Anna Azarov

©2018 Anna Azarov

featuring the single "BETTING ON THE SUN"


“Bird Streets crafts songs that are bright, optimistic and poppy without overdoing it. The hooks are infectious and the vibes are right in the pocket. Listen to just one song and you'll find yourself humming along for the rest of the day.” -NPR Music

“★★★★ Clever twists, rich harmonies, and intricate guitar work . . . Attention to craft stands above all.”  -AllMusic

“Rock music with mainstream potential that sounds timeless and honest . . . A fine balance between melody, tension, character, meaning and relatability that few artists are able to strike.” -The Deli

“★★★★★ A contemporary masterpiece that conjures indie rock's glory days.”  -Albumism

“★★★★ A fantastic blend of power pop and indie rock that manages to sound like one of the best ’90s albums that didn’t come out until now.”   -Blurt

"A rock-solid power pop gem.”  -PopMatters

“A major effort. A-”  -The Vinyl District

Interview with Shindig! Oct. 2018

“Immediately accessible . . . a reminder of the power of guitar-based smart pop.” -The Big Takeover

“The songs might just be so well written that they connect on another level.”  -Jukely

“No shortage of powerful pop gems….A most tasty slice of modern American indie rock pie.” -Audiophile Review

“Feels very much like an artist who is stepping outside of his comfort zone.”  -AXS

In his current incarnation as Bird Streets, Brodeur is knocking the ball out of the park.”  -Blurt

“Betting On The Sun [is] one of the album’s standout tracks. You’ll dig it no matter which coast you’re on.”  -Magnet

An immediate home run . . . will capture the hearts of every lover of melodic pop-rock sophistication.”  -Power Of Pop

“1960s guitar jangle, 1970s guitar crunch, sharp lyrical wordplay, and hooks hooks hooks. Glorious.”  -CD Hotlist


Bird Streets is the musical endeavor of New York songwriter John Brodeur. The self-titled debut album, out now on Omnivore Recordings, contains 11 tracks written and performed in collaboration with Jason Falkner (Beck, Jellyfish, Daniel Johnston). It’s a dynamic collection of introspective indie-rock and power-pop that draws liberally on the music of decades past without being bluntly nostalgic, with Brodeur’s voice like an old friend you’re meeting for the first time.

BIRD STREETS will be on tour this December

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Ravel Rouser

Paul Langton

(617) 413-5458